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Company profile

Dear sir,
Thanks you very much for your interest in our company and products. We have the pleasure to introduce UNCOD a company, we are in this fertilizer business since 1992 specialized in the manufacturing of products for vegetable nutrition: chelates, amino acids, humic acids, growth stimulants, root enhancer, nutrient fertilizers, public health products, agrochemicals, etc. our factory is located in Syria.


The products manufactured by UNCOD, are mainly aimed to horticulture, fruit trees, and citrus markets. We are aiming to found products safe to environment and compatible with organic culture.


We get use of all the technical information published worldwide to improve our products and to reach the international standard in order to compete in both local and international markets.


We are producing more than 45 products in all of these categories and we are always seeking the high quality raw materials and depend on modern technology for manufacturing these products.

May be it is good to know that we are certified with ISO 9001, 2000 which will help us to provide you with a high quality products.

Our goals:
1- continuous developing for our range products, and solving the problems and finding solutions in order to improve quality and minimize the cost.
2- Continuous improving for our products, in order to keep our good reputation.
3- We are always trying to keep god relations with our customers.
4- Improving the capabilities of our stuff and train them, in order to meet with our commitments.



                                                                                                           Eng. Mahmoud Kouri